Mollie Bates


Know Before You Owe Launch Campaign




Senior Technology & Innovation Fellow




Art direction and strategy for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's campaign to support the Know Before You Owe mortgage initiative. The campaign promoted new mortgage disclosures and resources to five different audiences: consumers, real estate professionals, media, mortgage professionals, and housing counselors.

Though the Bureau had been working on the new mortgage disclosures for almost four years, we needed to promote the policy change to consumers and industry on the effective date of the new rule. At the beginning of the process, I planned and facilitated a three-hour design thinking workshop with 30 attendees to build consensus across departments on messaging and tactics for the campaign. We built a project plan and committed to including photography and video into the campaign - a stretch for our team at the time.

The campaign included a landing page, video, photography, infographics, print collateral and social media graphics. We assembled all of the assets into a press kit for media, a first for the Bureau. The campaign yielded national press coverage, thousands of email signups, and over 5,000 video views.

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