Mollie Bates


Data visualizations


National Geographic Magazine






As an editorial designer at National Geographic Magazine, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from the magazine's award-winning Graphics Department, led by Art Director Juan Velasco. These data visualizations show two samples of my work for the "departments" section of the magazine, at the front and back of the book.

First, a "Follow Up" department page adding context to a feature story on Community Health Workers in India. The graphic examines the brain drain of doctors from the developing world. With statistics from a public health study, I created this information graphic and designed the page layout. The shape is intended to reference liquid swirling into a drain. Published December 2008

Next, a department page graphic showing how households in various nations spend their paychecks. I conceptualized and created this graphic from Euromonitor International data. The concentric circles reveal that households in poorer nations must spend a larger proportion of their paychecks on essentials, leaving little for other categories. Published September 2010